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Main residential street in Toddington village

Anonymous emails or feedback will not be answered.

Please be aware that the Clerk works part-time so there may be a delay responding to your enquiry.

When and where to get in touch

The Clerk is not employed to be on call 24/7, so please do not ring at unsociable hours  except in a real emergency. The Clerk only has the same numbers as you do to ring the borough or county council etc., so if you can’t get through, neither can she.

You can contact Councillors individually using the details listed on the Councillors page, or the Clerk will pass on emails for you. Remember that Councillors are unpaid, and often busy people, so again, please be thoughtful about contacting them.

You can speak to the whole Council before and after every monthly meeting.

If you have a problem with roads, rivers, traffic, education, planning etc., please see the 'Local Information' page to find the right number to call.

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