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Toddington Parish Council

News and information for local residents in the parish of Toddington, Gloucestershire

AGENDA               MINUTES.

13th May 2019 - Annual Council Meeting

15th June 2020 -  Planning Meeting (via Zoom)




 AGENDA            MINUTES

Houses in Toddington village


9th September 2019 - Full Council Meeting       AGENDA               MINUTES            CLERKS REPORT

7th October 2019 - Planning Meeting             AGENDA               MINUTES

4th November 2019 - Full Council Meeting       AGENDA               MINUTES               CLERKS REPORT

2nd December 2019 - Planning Meeting          CANCELLED

6th January 2020 - Full Council Meeting          AGENDA             MINUTES

3rd February 2020 - Council Meeting             AGENDA               MINUTES

2nd March 2020 - Full Council Meeting           AGENDA               MINUTES

6th April 2020 - Annual Parish Meeting          CANCELLED

18th May 2020 - Council Meeting (via Zoom)     AGENDA        MINUTES

​​27th July 2020 - Extraordinary Council Meeting   AGENDA       DRAFT MINUTES

                  (via Zoom)

14th September 2020 - Council Meeting (via Zoom) AGENDA     Postponed

21st September 2020 _ Council Meeting (via Zoom) AGENDA

​​​​​​​Minutes from 2017-18

6th July 2020 - Full Council Meeting(via Zoom)

1st July 2019 - Full Council Meeting

​​​AGENDA             MINUTES             CLERKS REPORT

7th June 2019 - Planning Meeting

AGENDA                MINUTES

5th August 2019 - Planning Meeting  



Meetings of the Council are held  bi-monthly, normally on a Monday at Toddington Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm with an Open Forum where members of the public can ask questions or make observations.​  Planning meetings are held when necessary.

Dates of Future Meetings:

The agenda of the next meeting will be published below and also on the parish noticeboards at least 3 clear days before the meeting.

Minutes are uploaded following the meetings of the Council. Draft minutes are yet to be agreed by Council and are subject to alteration. 

NB Meetings may be cancelled, particularly if we are due to hold a planning meeting and there are no planning items to consider.