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Houses on main street of Toddington village

Toddington Parish Council

News and information for local residents in the parish of Toddington, Gloucestershire

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The current procedures approved by council. Please click on the items below to open.

Code of Conduct - (last reviewed 13.05.19)

Financial Regulations - (Adopted on 06.01.2020)

Standing Orders - 2018 - (Adopted on the 13.05.19)

Complaints Procedure 2020 - Reviewed and approved 02.03.2020

Internal Financial Control Policy - (last reviewed on 13.05.19)

Publication Scheme 2020 - (Reviewed and approved 02.03.2020)

Asset Register - (last updated 19.01.2020)

Risk Register - (Approved on 06.01.2020)

Disciplinary Policy Approved 02.03.2020

Data Protection Policy - (Adopted on the 09.07.18)

Information Security Policy - (Adopted on the 09.07.18)

General Privacy Policy - (Adopted on the 09.07.18)

Privacy Policy for Staff and Councillors - (Adopted on the 09.07.18)

Items Published for Audit